23 June 2010

Our excursion into FIFA spirit world

Today Sally, Richard and I took an excursion into Cape Town to see the FIFA Fan Fest, the Fan Walk, and the sights of how Cape Town is hyped up over the soccer. The FIFA Fan Fest is located on the Grand Parade in front of the Castle. It was astonishing to see that they have copied bushman paintings on the barriers surrounding the area. So from this we can see that South Africa was destined to host the Soccer World Cup because the ancients foresaw it aeons ago. See, they have vuvuzelas! And they are kicking a soccer ball - or is it a coconut?! Richard is not so sure of their authenticity. Should I say 'doubtful'?

So, having established our credentials, who can complain about us having the event here now in 2010?
The Cape Town Station has been revamped quite extensively. It is looking quite modern and comparable with many stations that we have seen elsewhere in the world. Quite impressive, really.

Here is a guy berobed in two flags - one draped in the front and the other at the back. He was followed by another guy wearing a flag like a flowing superhero cape.

They have done extensive clearing outside the Station - unfortunately it seems that a lot of the landscaping went with the stalls.
See - Zibi is still around! Zapp it in a Zibi - haven't heard that for many years. It used to be a frequent TV advert for trying to educate our citizens to avoid littering. He is now also encouraging recycling.
This is the Fan Fest with the City Hall and other city landmarks behind.

Now to move some distance away to the stadium area.

Right near to the entrance to the stadium is a bridge constructed with scaffolding - it takes pedestrians over a circle in the road and is quite solid.
Sally did not want to risk walking on the bridge, so she and Richard walked on the solid earth of the pavement and were captured in this photo.
There were police all around - a presence like I do not recall seeing before. There were dozens at the Fan Fest and at the entrance to the stadium.

This is a plan of the stadium precinct. It is located right next to the Somerset Hospital. 
New hospital - so we have called it - but...
We refer to the New Somerset Hospital - but the yellow building is referred to as the New Somerset Hospital as the first hospital, the oldest in South Africa, was built 190 years ago (around 1818-1822) located in Chiappini Street, to be replaced in about 1860 by the New  Somerset Hospital. Then the New West Wing of the New Somerset Hospital was erected about 1973. So there you have it - 'New' can be a term used for more than a century and a half!
It is always amusing to see mistakes in language - does it happen more in the New South Africa than anywhere else in the world? Sound is right, spelling is wrong.

The Jabulani ball used first time in a World Cup in 2010 (although used in local matches for about a year) - it was designed especially for FIFA WC 2010.
Richard did not get the plaque below this gun - but there are a few guns attached to different national flags, a commitment by those countries to stop violence. This is the South African knot.
There was a musical group playing at the Waterfront - they were playing 'I just can't help falling in love with you' - very good! They are clearly Bafana Bafana supporters.
The entrance to the Stadium area right in what used to be the parking area of the Somerset Hospital. These photos show the view from the bridge mentioned earlier.

Here is the giant Vuvuzela on the flyover that never got finished as long ago as before I can remember anything from my early visits to Cape Town! Now the bridge has a purpose!
'Nuff said! Yeah for Cape Town!
The buses are decorated with Soccer spirit.
And here is the stadium - affectionately referred to as a giant bed pan, but it is an imposing spectacle.
One of the happy visitors to the Mother City - well, anyway we guessed he is a visitor
This Land Cruiser with Namibian registration got around - we saw it all over! It is flying the flag of the Netherlands, and there was a French sounding song pumping from its sound system.

Then there is the Wheel of Excellence near to the entrance from the City to the Waterfront.
And the gulls are the same as ever. I asked this one if he (she/it? - I could not tell from its voice which gender it is) has any feelings about the World Cup - and it said 'chaaar chaar chaarrrr' which roughly translated is 'what is that?' So there you have it - the humans are all excited about the World Cup - yes, I also enjoyed watching some of our Bafana Bafana matches - but the gulls just get excited about crumbs. Genuine!

I shall not do much blogging with photos because haauw! it takes time!

19 June 2010

I am on Flickr, Twitter, Plaxo, Facebook, wat nog?

Yes, you can catch me on these strange media - I don't exactly understand them all, but I am there :-)
I am trying to get my photos up for use and so I am trying these options.

I am also a human, not just a technogeek

Just in case you think I am only about technology and innovation, I also do look at people - especially my family!
Today I participated in a request for Snapshots around the world and so I took some photos at 10:30 to join others around the world taking photos at 10:30 local time.
Here are most of the photos I took this morning. You can also look at them on my Flickr set where I have described them too.

Now just lookat these two angels with their halos - Josh, and his mommy .

Now here is the ultimate image!

Don't you absolutely love the magic power these two have? See how they are holding the ball in the air! But doesn't Joshua look more professional than Shelly? This is genuine - no trick photography, no invisible lines holding the ball, so you must believe it because it is on the Internet!

Now I'll replay that again, but larger this time so you can check it for reality.

See - this is evidence that they really are angels, even although you cannot see their halos in this picture.