17 May 2010

Personal Touch Works that have worked

Yep! I'm back.

Take a look at some of the Personal Touch Works that have worked. Maybe you can use something like them in something that you are doing where my skills and your skills can come together to create something awesome.

I have created camera-ready figures and tables for many books and scientific publications. Most of the graphics (maps, climate diagrammes, graphs/charts and so forth) and tables in the book The Vegetation of South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland were done by me. Some photos too.

For example
  • Taking lists of species in various sources and formats, combining them in a database so that they could be checked for correct spelling and current names, then using a spreadsheet to prepare the data for mail merge to produce formatted paragraphs with genus abbreviations, superscripts, italics, bold, etc.

  • Creating climate diagrammes for about 400 vegetation types - getting data from GIS for each vegetation type, then programming a spreadsheet to create the graphics in the right number of rows and columns for the particular figure, and creating a PDF that is ready to simply insert into the DTP document.

  • Creating flow diagrams.
If you are looking for unusual graphics or solutions, then send a message to (leslie_powrie(at)yahoo.co.uk).

Photos of product samples for web pages or brochures - I have done that too.

I enjoy the challenge of taking your dream and making it a reality. Try me!