27 April 2010

The new resident in BLOG world

For some time I have been considering starting a blog, but have been resisting it because it is yet another draw on my time. What with trying to keep pace with my cousin and not hold him back in preparing for publication the histories of the Drydens and Dymonds, and with trying to help the bishop and ward leaders to magnify their callings by making resources available to them, and with working on the National Vegetation Database and other things at SANBI, and trying to do things at home that need doing - and have needed doing for years - and countless other needful things, I was not looking for another way to spend time.

But, Sally started a blog yesterday. As I indicated, I have been contemplating starting a blog for some time, and I am certainly not trying to compete with Sally, but her arguments for the benefits of having a blog are valid. So I enter the blogger world - hesitantly, cautiously, carefully, deliberately.

This is definitely a time for work with a personal touch as I type on the keyboard to put thoughts to virtual paper. Don't hold your breaths waiting for regular profound gems from this source. They may come - occasionally! But I am really just a plain sort of guy who tries to help others to achieve great things. I hope that you, the reader, may occasionally find something to inspire greatness in you and perhaps find that your own personal touch works.