25 October 2014

Wellness Day walk and fun

Today we had our annual Wellness Day at SANBI, Cape. We are given the opportunity to have ourselves screened for health, wellness, HIV, TB, and this year to have some real exercise.

There was the option of a walk 5 km or a run 7 km - I elected to take the walk. We set out at about 9:45 am for the walk, and walked up behind and above the Kirstenbosch Research Centre. We started at 110 m altitude and reached about 210 m, sometimes climbing quite steeply and I was really breathing heavily with some of the climbs. But I reminded those who complained that we walked down a metre for every metre that we climbed. We then proceeded southwards along the contour path and came down through the top of the Protea Section of Kirstenbosch. It was a lovely walk through the forest and natural area of Kirstenbosch. I always enjoy our garden. I am privileged to work there.

I had parked at the administration buildings as I often do, walked to my office, then down to the activities. This is a 500 m walk and 35 m climb.

Add that to the 4.5 km walk, then back up to my office and down to the car again, and all in all I walked about 7 km today, and climbed about 290 m, excluding incidental walking in the building or the regular movements of a day.

A beautiful day, weather wise, good walk, good company as we watched Taebo, tug-of-war, soccer, touch rugby and other activities.

The image shows the approximate route of the walk in white and my daily walk to my office in turquoise. What a privilege to work at this place!