04 December 2019

The bough was hanging heavy after the rains

When I exercise in the morning I can see the house number opposite us relative to the wooden window frame on our side of the road. I was amazed to note that the bough was clearly a lot heavier than normal following the heavy rains that we had on 25 October 2019. I measured 1 mm on the morning of 24 Oct, 3 mm at 07:00 on the morning of 25 Oct, 50 mm on 26 Oct, then 24 mm on 28 Oct and 2 mm on 29 Oct.

The view on 26 October after the heavy rains on 25 October. The leaves above the number 31 obscuring the gutter, in line with the top of the window.
On 22 November, the leaves above the level of the gutter. It is interesting that the leaves on the right do not look much higher than a month earlier - that branch seems to have been obviously affected.

A comparative shot 19 Jun 2020 during the normal rainy season

26 October, the day following the heavy rains.
26 November - after a month of losing weight.

22 November 2019, four weeks later

30 November 2019, five weeks later, not much different to 22 November, a week earlier.
A comparative shot 19 Jun 2020